Before entering into any long-term supply contracts, both parties must be satisfied with the dispersion process performance and must fully understand the metrics against which the quality of the produced materials will be judged.  Only in this way can consistent quality be delivered in the future.  As you would expect, Industrial Nano has a comprehensive laboratory equipped with lab and pilot scale equipment for preforming trials on customer materials.  However, the Industrial Nano lab is focused on ensuring compatibility and performance of customers’ materials with the Industrial Nano processes.  We regret that we cannot offer a general nano lab R&D service but our links with academic and industrial R&D centres ensure that you can be provided with support at all stages of the product and process development, including identification of nanomaterials, formulation, product testing and contract research.

Laboratory testingDepending on the scale of the potential contract and the type and complexity of the trials, Industrial Nano may have to charge for them.  However, these charges can usually be deducted against regular production orders over a period of time.

We understand that getting to a regular production situation is a journey that begins with some basic tests and then progresses to pre-contract quality assessments.  For a discussion about your application and how we might show you what we can do for you by way of testing, please contact us.