Industrial Nano Services ModelProcurement

We can source nanomaterials from any recognised supplier in the world via the Integrated NanoScience and Commodities Exchange (INSCX).  All materials are validated for quality and traceability to meet legislative requirements.  This is an optional service as customers can alternatively provide their own materials for processing.


Your own formulations can be used directly or we can source expert help from our network of material specialists.  Some of these are academics working on a contract basis and others are custom formulation companies with specific expertise on certain types of materials, e.g. coatings, composites, etc.


All nanomaterials processed in our facilities must be characterised prior to processing.  Our quality process needs this to ensure a baseline is established for each material against which dispersion quality can be measured.  A quality plan is produced for each contract, based on observed material variations and quality criteria.  This helps to establish sampling frequency, critical control points and other process parameters.


An optional service to add functional endgroups to certain materials for improved performance in processing or in the end application.  Mainly related to carbon nanotubes and graphenes, we can provide wet chemical processing and plasma functionalisation either at our own facility or through our partners.


The core service we offer is the dispersion of nano powders into fluids ranging from solvents through to plastic pellets.  The full range of viscosity can be processed using one or more high performance mixing machines at high throughputs.  Focused on high throughput production, our 100kg/hour and 1 tonne/hour machines provide effective dispersion at low per kilogramme processing costs.  Dispersion is offered at three different scales to suit the application and the state of development of each project.


All processed materials are tested according to their quality plan and the process itself has datalogging capability.  Batch recording and quality control are designed to fit into customers’ own production process for complete transparency of the toll-processing operation.  We have a well-equipped laboratory with material specific and application specific test equipment such as microscopes, viscometers, laser particle sizer and four-point probe.


Most processed materials can be out directly to final packaging suitable for transport to the customer’s chosen destination.  Filling to bottles or drums is standard but other forms can also be accepted.  In some cases, customers’ own packaging can be used where this is preferable for branding reasons.  We can also apply branding to any packaging for customers wishing us to transport directly to third parties.


We can arrange national and international shipping through our network of forwarding agents to any location in the world.  Export licenses and other documentation can be generated to suit each customer’s requirement.