The Industrial Nano pricing model aims to be as simple and clear as possible, given the wide range of materials and applications it covers.  Regular production contracts are agreed with each customer based on a price per kilogramme of material processed (bulk material including nano material).  This price depends on the following parameters:

. Type of process equipment used

. Annual production requirement

. Difficulty of processing

. Special requirements – e.g. vacuum, custom packaging etc.

Basic dispersion processing can be provided at under US$ 5 per kg although more complex processes may cost US$ 50 per kg or more.


To allow customers to get the benefits of volume pricing from the start, Industrial Nano works on an annualised billing system.  This means that we work together with customers to estimate their likely volume needs over the year and offer a price against that volume, only adjusting the price later in the year if the volume is higher or lower than expected.  This avoids customers being penalised for the early stages of their product cycle where volumes are low and allows them to grow their market more quickly.  Just one example of how Industrial Nano puts customers at the heart of the operation.