Industrial Nano Ltd. was established in 2014 in response to a need for industrial-scale dispersion of nanomaterials for industry.  Recognising that a major barrier to the application of nanomaterials is the effective mixing of dry nano powders into useful process fluids, Industrial Nano offers a toll-processing service to address this need.  By partnering with the world’s only nanomaterials commodities exchange, INSCX, the Company is able to offer a full range of services from nano material sourcing through to formulation support, dispersion and packaging.

Processing facilities are based near Manchester in the UK and include high performance fluid mixing equipment and analytical laboratory services in a biological safety environment.  The unknown hazards of nanomaterials in relation to human and environmental health mean that safety is the number one priority of the Company.  Customers can therefore be assured of a high quality production process to the highest safety levels, allowing them to concentrate on their core business.

Why use Industrial Nano?

. A low-cost toll-processing facility means no capital investment for you – you can use it as and when needed

. Highest safety levels for personnel and environmental protection – eliminates a major processing headache for you

. High quality dispersions mean improved nanomaterial performance and reduced product costs – see the FAQ section for more on this

. A full end-to-end service from material sourcing through to packing and shipping means that Industrial Nano can be an effective partner

. Commercial confidentiality, strict quality control and process transparency underpin all service activities