Our Services

Toll processing

We provide complete nano-material sourcing, formulation, dispersion and packaging solutions for product manufacturers who need nano functionality in their products. The special processing problems and safety consideration of dealing with nano powders are all taken care of in our state-of-the-art facilities.

Quality & Traceability

Working closely with INSCX™ exchange http://inscx.com we provide full traceability, product indemnification and quality assurance in addition to enabling supply-chain traceability via the Downstream Audit Sequencing (DAS) system for engineered nanomaterials operated by the Exchange. The combination operates to assure conformity to specification, counterparty trade performance and confidential reporting of trade in underlying nanomaterials to official regulation agencies and authorized insurers.

Global reach

From our base in the UK, we provide toll processing services to customers around the world. Materials can be sourced from any country via the INSCX Exchange and co-location of facilities is possible for high volume customers.